puppetTalk / voice controlled puppets

PuppetTalk is an interactive installation that invites visitors to use their voice to control two string puppets. PuppetTalk Version 2.0 is the second iteration of PuppetTalk. The installation relies on pitch to movement mapping and aims to engage visitors in playful interaction while exploring the use of voice and ambient sounds in puppetry. Building on lessons learned from the first implementation, this version of PuppetTalk aimed to achieve a most robust interactive installation. Larger puppets, a new pitch recognition software, and the introduction of stepper motors, are the key improvements of this new iteration. The installation relies on the pitch of sound signals to trigger the movements of two puppets. One puppet reacts only to high pitch sounds, while another puppet reacts only to low pitch sounds. By having puppets respond to sound input with movements that resemble a dialogue between two people, the installation builds a communication channel to encourage both: interactions between visitors and the installation, and interactions between visitors themselves.

technologies used:   openframeworks, arduino, stepper-motors, processing, clay, balsa wood.