interactive projection mapping / collaboration with lút estudio

Posted by Lút on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This was a quick collaborative project with lút estudio, an Ecuadorian studio focused on using new technologies in audiovisual production, development and research. One of the few studios exploring interactive experiences Lút ideated and interactive installation that would allow users to interact with video content projected on top of a series of illustrations painted with conductive ink.

I was responsible for programming an Arduino to detect touch events through conductive ink. These events were then transmitted serially to an OSC server programmed using Processing. The server would then activate and deactivate different video layers set up in Resolume Arena via OSC messages. I was very proud of the results achieved in this particular project because all my work was done remotely, in no more than 15 hours, and with almost no code changes needed.

technologies used:   Arduino, conductive ink, Processing+OSC, Resolume Arena